Look Books Get Double-Take


With their low-tech, tactile appeal, look books-even when sitting innocently on a coffee table- are the ultimate stealth-tease to draw attention to your work after you’ve left the room.¬† The nickname ‘leave behind’ has significance; these books allow you to leave behind a lasting impression of your talents and your project, and they make your point even when you’re not there to do your whole dog and pony show (or to press “play” on a sizzle reel).

Look books offer an executive the attractive option of flipping through a visual overview of your story rather than paging through a lengthy, time-consuming script, or (even worse) reading coverage that someone else wrote. What’s more, look books are easily passed from one office to the next, and on up the food chain, allowing you a measure of control as to how your project is articulated when the junior execs are internally pitching your work to the key decision-makers.

In our humble opinion, flipping through a look book should be an immersive and captivating an experience as watching a really great trailer in a theater. ¬†Their benefits can go far beyond building great word-of-mouth momentum for your project. If thoughtfully and strategically crafted, they can become a vehicle to display your creativity and vision to help you communicate with your producers, actors, and crew. Picture magazine design schemes, blueprint floor plans and CAD illustrations: there is no end to the different motifs that can be applied to add sophistication and visual interest. As long as the concept stays within the framework of your project, there’s no end to the varying styles, fonts and textures a look book can incorporate for a real 360-degree approach to sales and marketing.

Click here to take a peak at some look-books that have sold some big named projects.


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  1. A mintue saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

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