The Voyage Vision:

To foster a thriving community of storytellers and a revolutionary, heart-centered way to create, share, and earn from the transcendent art of film and television storytelling.


  • A self-sustaining and inclusive ecosystem that cultivates self-expression, jobs, and abundance
  • A heart centered environment and process that fosters joy, fearlessness, healthy mind, body and spirit, and permission to be bold
  • Challenging the status quo and upending the traditional entertainment system by creating one in which creators control their own
    creative and financial destinies, and contribute to and benefit from each other’s success
  • Revenue generation that supports our mission and that ensures financial alignment with our entire family of creators and staff
  • People experiencing their full magnificence and, with that, creating a ripple effect of positivity in the world

Get Connected

Mentorship from professionals with track records is the highest leverage tool a creator can use.

Get Educated

An educated creator is the best creator. Our creative and business trainings are for both the right AND left brain.

Become An Original

We’re on the hunt for
great, market-ready projects.
In fact, that’s why we
do everything we do.

Earn Outsized Rewards

Creators who invest in their
projects maintain more creative ownership, decision-
making influence, and get better financial terms.

Nat Mundel

Nat Mundel

Founder & CEO

Nat is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, public speaker and producer of film, television and reality programming. He has a passion for helping storytellers connect with audiences and breaking down barriers that exist in the entrenched entertainment industry.

Robert Mitas

Robert Mitas

Head of Originals

Robert Mitas is a film producer and screenwriter. Robert ran Furthur Films, the production company of Academy Award-winning actor/producer Michael Douglas from 2010-2017. During his tenure at Furthur, Robert was responsible for development, production, and delivery of all film and television projects.

Elizabeth Upton

Elizabeth Upton

VP of Operations

Elizabeth has produced documentaries that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in need all over the World. At Voyage, she is a champion for emerging creators, helping them to gain access to powerful development tools, and financing & distribution for their projects.

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