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We built Voyage to create incredible opportunities for you to get your projects championed by producers, financed, and made.

Numerous creators on our platform have gone on to have their projects picked up by producers and are at various stages of development, production or distribution. Take a peak at our Originals below...

Our current Originals development slate...
In Development | Thriller

ALIVE DAY (Feature) is based on the novel “Six Days to Zeus” by Samuel Hill. Screenplay by Voyage’s own Kathleen McLaughlin - now being produced in partnership with Oscar-nominated Mike Medavoy (BLACK SWAN, ALTERED CARBON) and with Phillip Noyce (SALT, REVENGE, CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER) attached to direct. Logline: Based on a true story, when a top Special Operations commander loses his entire team in a friendly fire incident that leaves his body wrecked, he finds himself facing a court martial and a life back home that is falling apart. With the help of an FBI Agent and a committed lawyer, he finds a way to overcome adversities and establish a program to help other Special Op veterans.

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Complete | Horror

Pet Sematary is a 2019 American horror film directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer and written by Jeff Buhler, from a screen story by Matt Greenberg. It follows the story of Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, as they relocate from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. The couple soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. Based on the book by Stephen King, and starring actors Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz and John Lithgow, this film was released in theaters April 5th of 2019. Within three weeks, the movie has grossed $98,322,944 worldwide and ranked #2 worldwide. Voyage helped develop this new version from the ground up!      

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Complete | Documentary

Nick and Pete came to us with a rough cut of their documentary. They joined our Professional’s Program to solve some core creative problems with their storyline and ended up creating an amazing, Emmy-winning documentary. Voyage ended up executive producing the documentary with narration by Peter Sarsgaard. The film has won the GRAND PRIZE in all five festivals in which it has competed. Valley Uprising is also available on Blu-ray, DVD, or digitally through the Sender Films website. Logline: The epic history of climbing in Yosemite National Park and the counterculture roots of outdoor sports.  

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Complete | Faith Based/Spiritual

My Daddy Is In Heaven (Feature) is based on the children’s book by Rebecca Crownover, released in March '18 to hit the #1 spot on Amazon and now streaming on Netflix. Logline: The story follows a young girl who learns to accept the death of her father in a tragic accident through her faith in Jesus and her relationship with her mother. Based on a true story.  

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Complete | Reality Show

The successful reality show Flipping Miami aired on A&E. Logline: Flipping Miami follows a pair of dynamic newlyweds as husband Chris handles all property deals while his sultry Colombian wife Carolina wears the tool belt.  

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Complete | Family Drama

Feature by Michael Daly, starring Matthew Modine (STRANGER THINGS, FULL METAL JACKET) and directed by Voyage’s own John Crye. Logline: The tragic true story of teen suicide, bullying, set in the context of youth baseball.

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In Development | Western

Feature Film by Fred Eason, now being produced in partnership with Shaun Redick (BLACKKKLANSMAN, GET OUT). Logline: In the 1880’s, Bass Reeves, the country’s first black U.S. Marshal, goes after dangerous outlaws who attempt to hide out in Indian Territory.

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In Development | Reality Show

TV reality show by Alyx Baranow in partnership with Voyage producer Whitney Beatty, now being produced. Logline: Nicole Jackson (star of BLACK INK) moves to Austin for the summer to get her microblading salon off the ground. But between an estranged ex, her child, and Nicole’s own topsy-turvey life, this will definitely be a summer to remember!

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In Development | Historical Action

Feature Film By Richard Lyons, now being produced with Keith Clarke (BEN HUR, THE WAY BACK) providing a rewrite. Logline: Set in 500 A.D, a young maiden is the prisoner of a prophecy that foretells that she has the power to unite Ireland and is caught in a love triangle with a suitor of her age and an older warlike regional King to whom she was bequeathed.

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In Development | Sports Drama

Feature by Sylvia Harris in collaboration with Voyage Producer Jesse Israel, and written by Dmitry Portnoy (SAINT JUDY). Logline: An African-American woman who has struggled for years with mental illness and homelessness becomes the first black female horse racing jockey to win a major race.

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Complete | Faith Based Drama

A Feature Film by Jan Hurst and written by Voyage’s own Dan Benamor, completed production in early 2018 and is now in release! Logline: After the death of her husband, a woman finds solace in her faith and a widow’s group.

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In Development | Romance

Feature Film by Linda Collison with financing in place and moving into pre-production. Logline: Meeting again for a deceased teammate's "ash dive," three middle-aged skydivers recall a fateful contest during the golden age of their sport.

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In Development | Comedy

Based on a true story: Debra Darnall, a life-long Cleveland Browns fan, rockets to national notoriety when she creates an outrageous alter ego,"The Bone Lady", that captures the hearts and attention of fans nationwide. As season ticket sales decline, and with an intern who tries to upend her newfound 'celebrity status', she discovers that life isn't just about football and men.

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In Development | Drama

Feature Film by Scott Terry in collaboration with Voyage Producer Kathleen McLaughlin – partially financed and moving into pre-production. Logline: A rebellious child runs away from his abusive life and transforms the lies of his past into his joy and acceptance of his gay life.

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In Development | Family

Feature Film by Joe Putnam, in partnership with Voyage producer Aaron Mendelsohn. Logline: Two young scientists living in St. Petersburg, Russia, rescue a baby ringed seal named Hita, facing certain death. Against amazing odds—environmental, social, financial and political— they not only saved Hita, but established and influenced rescue operations for an entire species.

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In Development | Faith Based/Spiritual

Feature Film by Ron Tank, in partnership with Voyage producer Brad Luff. Based on the non-fiction, non-narrative self-help book detailing a method of investing in the U.S. stock market based on the author’s interpretation of Christian scripture.

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In Development | Sports Drama

Feature Film by Timothy Alexander, Tim Stephens and Thomas Brew, being produced in partnership with Voyage producer, Jesse Israel. Logline: A student at the University of Alabama-Birmingham becomes the first paraplegic to earn a Division I-A football scholarship.

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In Development | Legal Drama

Logline: A law that gives doctors the ability to declare a person dead when brain activity has ceased causes family turmoil, forcing a young mother to decide whether or not to donate her daughter’s organs.  

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Dr. Hope Show
In Development | Reality Show

Logline: This reality show follows the work and life of veterinarian Dr. Hope, a little person with a huge love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Genre: Reality TV

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In Development | 1-Hour TV Drama

Rising through the ranks of our Book-to-Screen program, Marilu had one of our producers and screenwriters adapt her award winning book and true story into a 1-HR TV drama. We also worked with Marilu to create a stunning visual pitch look-book, which helped the project be picked up by two successful showrunners! The project is now being shopped around to TV networks as a Voyage Original. Logline: When a sheltered but desperate woman reluctantly decides to divorce her wealthy husband in 1950's America, her only option is to move to Reno and spend six weeks at a “divorce ranch,” which is filled with all kinds of fascinating, troubled, and dangerous characters.  

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Gary Gabelhouse


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In the 8 years we’ve always received stellar strategic and creative insights. Your remarkable team always takes our projects to the next level.

Chris Levinson

TV Writer and Producer
On selling HOPSCOTCH to ABC

Chris Levinson

Voyage gets projects DONE. Their actions speak much louder than the words of other, so-called industry insiders. I trust them to efficiently and effectively guide me on my journey toward becoming a professional.

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