2016: What a Year!

It’s been an incredible year for the Voyage family and we’re so grateful to you for your hard work, dedication and commitment to your craft. You’ve inspired us in unimaginable ways.

As we prepare for an even better 2017, here are some highlights we want to celebrate looking back…

Our Commitment to Your Success

2016 found us looking within to discover what we could be doing more to benefit you.  In 2017 we’re completely reinventing, which you’ll learn a lot more about in the coming weeks. And you can take a peek at our revitalized commitments here.

But we also took a moment to celebrate our astounding victories. And many of you have gone on to achieve wild success with your projects. Here’s a tally:
  • 3 projects have been fully produced and distributed with a 4th headed into production right now and a 5th that’s fully financed.
  • 3 projects have been partially financed
  • Nearly 40 unknown writers/authors have had their material optioned by producers
  • 30 writers have received ongoing paid writing assignments
  • Over 45 authors have become bestselling authors

We often get asked about stats and while we tend to avoid them since this is a creative enterprise, we were surprised to learn that 15% of our clients who work with us one-on-one achieve an objective metric of success like the ones listed above. We actually didn’t know it was that high ☺

A Brand New Batch of Originals

(Documentary Feature by Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen) -Our film won an Emmy this year for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction! The film tracks the history of “tuning in and dropping out” in Yosemite’s climbing scene, from the original pioneers of the Golden Era, to the Stone Masters of the late 20th century, to the crazy Stone Monkeys of today.  And the best part is, it’s streaming on Netflix. CLICK HERE to watch it!
MY DADDY IS IN HEAVEN (Feature by Rebecca Crownover; In Production on Jan 4!) Based on the novel: after her father dies in a tragic accident, a young girl learns to accept his death through her faith and her relationship with her mother. Based on a true story, headed into production in January.

THE CAT & THE MOON (Feature by Alex Wolff; In collaboration with John Crye) After moving to NY to live with his deceased father’s ex band mate, Nick navigates the chaos of a new school and a new love to find himself in the shadow of his father’s legacy. This coming-of-age drama/romance written, directed, and starring Alex Wolff (PATRIOTS DAY, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2), is now being packaged and sold with CAA, and with Josh Boone (THE FAULT IN OUR STARS) as Executive Producer.

  (Feature by Kesia Elwin & Amanda Moresco) The life of Cuban blogger/dissident and 2012 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Yoani Sánchez. This exciting and timely feature is in development with Gil Junger (DEVIOUS MAIDS, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU) and Robert Moresco (CRASH, MILLION DOLLAR BABY) and is in active financing negotiations with an Oscar-winning producer.

(Reality TV Show by Jen & Dave Klenk; in collaboration with Cerise Fukuji) At K9 Lifeline, the dogs have to make a life or death decision – make a change or be euthanized. Professional trainer and expert in animal behavior, Heather Beck, takes the worst of the worst and transforms them into the best of the best, creating dogs that once faced death into loving and loyal companions. The project is in active negotiations with a major production company.

(MOW by Ruth Mullany & Jeanne Lamsam) Based on the novel: when her aunt dies mysteriously, an insurance fraud detective returns home, only to find that she must uncover the truth about her own family’s past before she herself becomes a victim of murder. This film is partially financed and in active negotiations with a studio for full financing.

(Feature by Nancy Price; in collaboration with Brian Young) Based on the novel, “Had A Dream:” a woman who has been estranged from her family returns home when she learns her father is dying and learns the truth about the death of her younger sister and the burden she has carried all these years.

(Feature by Don Ingram; in collaboration with Brian Young) Based on the novel: a down and out ex football player, who fumbled a big play in high school and let it ruin his life, gets his redemption when he saves a young woman and her daughter. When novelist Don Ingram pitched this project to our producer, he found it so compelling that he offered to option it on the spot!
THE FALL OF A SPARROW  (Drama Feature by Catherine Arne; in collaboration with John Crye) After an unexplained phenomenon sweeps the planet causing all babies to be born anatomically female, an ordinary teenaged girl gives birth to the first male child in seven years, setting in motion events which could determine the fate of all mankind.

(Feature by Pamela Fagan Hutchins; in collaboration with Brian Young) A high-strung lawyer travels to the Caribbean to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of her parents. While there, she is seduced by both the tropical location and a charming chef.

Your Books Are Becoming Bestsellers

We debuted our new Amazon Bestseller Guaranteed program in 2016 and to date, every single author in the program has become a Bestseller! Many have even made it to number 1! Here are a few:Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.43.47 AM

New and Noteworthy

  • IGNITE! – We hosted a first-of-it’s-kind, in-person workshop in April – it was such a smashing success that we did it again in October! Authors and screenwriters from around the world joined us in Hollywood and worked with our producers 1-on-1 and in small groups on their projects. Check out the cool video we put together here and mark your calendars for the next one in the Spring of ’17!
  • TRUTH ENTERTAINMENT – on the heels of our partnership-building efforts last year, we’ve been building a great working relationship with Truth Entertainment, Oscar winning producers of DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. Truth looks to Voyage for great film projects (we have a few in the works with them already) and we’re also providing strategic insights and writing assignments on their projects.
  • NASSER ENTERTAINMENT – Last year’s financing partnership with Nasser Entertainment has produced great results and we have our first feature going into production in January and another in the works.  The Nassers produce films in the Action/Thriller, MOW and Faith-Based Genres.

Our All-Star Producer Team

We want to take a moment and acknowledge the awesome work our producers have done this year…
  • 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE – Matt Stuecken and his writing partner wrote the screenplay for the Bad Robot movie released in March of this year. It was a hit at the box office earning over $115,000,000 worldwide – way to go, Matt!
  • ALPHA PRODUCTIONS (THE REVENANT) –Aaron Mendelsohn sold his Action Adventure Feature script to Alpha Productions – watch out for his film on the big screen next year! Aaron also sold another script to Hallmark Network this year.
  • ESPN 2 – Congrats to Danny Llewelyn for the 2nd season of his show Battlefrog College Championship airing on ESPN this year!
  • FOX – Regina Lee sold & is producing an Animated TV Comedy pilot for Fox by an Emmy-winning showrunner of Fox’s hit show FUTURAMA.
  • VOD RELEASES: Dan Benamore co-wrote two features this year: STAGECOACH (starring country music superstar Trace Adkins), a 10 theater theatrical & VOD release, and INITIATION which was released on nearly every Video-On-Demand platform out there.
We would also like to welcome the new producers that have joined the Voyage team!
Michael Chamoy – Michael is a former development executive and television writer with extensive experience working on superhero and sci-fi properties. His fifteen years of experience working in Hollywood has made him a sought after script consultant for writers and producers on their material. Michael’s credits include ALPHAS, X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND and THE AVENGERS.
Travis Ficket – Travis is the co-creator of the critically acclaimed SyFy series 12 MONKEYS which is currently on its second season. In addition, Travis has sold projects to Universal Cable Productions, worked as the Story Editor on the critically acclaimed series NIKITA for the CW. His film degree coupled with his variety of experience in the industry make him a wonderful addition to our team.
Devon Boyd – Since he took over the finance department of Nu Image/Millennium Films in 2007, Devon has financed over 30 successful feature films and has secured over $300 million dollars of financing, including a $130 million dollar revolving line of credit at Comerica Bank. He has worked on notable films including THE EXPENDABLES, RAMBO and RIGHTEOUS KILL.
Dion Foley – Dion has worked on over 35 films in production while onboard at Nasser Entertainment Production Company. His film projects have boasted all-star casts including Abigail Breslin, Wes Bentley, Alexander Ludwig, Steve Coogan and Christian Slater to name a few.
Steve Desmond – Steve recently sold his thriller spec screenplay with an Academy Award nominated producer attached to it. The script is now out to directors and is slated to shoot later this year. Steve was also hired to write a treatment for a mini-series being produced by Discovery Networks and Trigger Street (HOUSE OF CARDS).  Steve’s knack for screenwriting makes him an excellent addition to our diverse team.

What’s on Deck for 2017?

As you can tell, it’s been a busy 2016. And we’ve been working hard on some game-changing plans for 2017. We have doubled down on our commitment to growing our family of creators and ensuring that Voyage works for everyone that’s part of our family.

With that intention in mind, here’s what we’ve been working on ensure that our community of creators are taken care of…

  • The Crane – The Crane is our new newsletter that fosters magnificence in the daily lives of the special set of creators who have chosen to work with us and become a part of our family. The Crane will explore topics the following areas: Health & Wellness, Mind/Body/Spirit, Abundance, Leading Edge, Wealth Creation and Creativity.
  • Upgraded Mission & Vision of Voyage – This year, we have reconnected to the intention of Voyage: To foster a thriving community of storytellers and a revolutionary, heart-centered way to create, share, and earn from the transcendent art of film and television storytelling. Check out our vision and commitments here.
  • Founder’s Letters – Our Founder & CEO Nat has written a 3-part series of letters to our Voyage community. It the letters, Nat gets real about the industry and shares some new and exciting plans that we have for 2017.
    Read the first letter here.
    Read the second letter here.
    Read the third letter here. 

This is just the very beginning of the plans we have in the works and we can’t wait to share all the details with you, as we’re able. Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming months for some exciting announcements! ☺

Cheers to creating magnificence together this year!

-The Voyage Crew



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