A Letter From Our Founder

Four years ago, we started a journey to bring emerging writers and storytellers into Hollywood…

Voyage was a brash and revolutionary idea that came straight from the heart…

‘We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and we want everyone to have a fair shot’.

But, when push came to shove and we had to run a business in the real world, we gave up on one of our original dreams…

We had this dream of creating a ‘cooperative’ of sorts in which everyone playing in the sandbox with us could and would benefit financially from everyone’s successes…

The idea was to create a community of creators that were willing to make a big bet on their own projects but that would still benefit even if their project didn’t work out…

Let me give you some context and get really real for a sec…

To reference real estate, the entertainment industry is a ‘buyer’s market’. And it likely always will be.

There are an estimated 50,000 scripts and 1,000,000 books entering the market each year.

And how many movies and series are produced? Estimates range from 7,000 to 10,000 worldwide.

This isn’t scientific, but it’s akin to a hundred people selling homes and there’s only one buyer.

That’s the harsh reality of our industry. You’re starting from a 1% chance of ‘making it’.

It was these underlying market conditions that inspired our big, audacious dream…

What if we were all in this together!

What if, while making a bet on your project, you were also making a bet on others’ projects?

Of course, you want to give your project its best chance – it’s your baby after all – but wouldn’t it be cool if you could benefit if some other creators’ project took off (even if yours didn’t)?

All the big entertainment investors spread their risk across multiple projects – why shouldn’t you?

We LOVED this idea. But when we dreamed it into the real world, it looked like a total logistical nightmare!

The original concept was essentially to create an REI dividend model – you invest in your project but ultimately get some money back based on the success of everyone’s projects.

And then we said, “How on earth would we handle all these payments going out to 10s of thousands of creators?! We’re a small company, this just isn’t doable”.

And frankly it wasn’t.

And we let the dream wither. Until now.

This year a new set of laws came into effect that makes it possible for anyone to invest in companies and projects, not just the wealthy elite

These new laws create the possibility that we can include our family of creators in our company successes so you benefit too!

We believe that a ‘new economic alignment’ between our clients and us is finally possible and will birth something extraordinary for all of us – something that’s never been done before.

So we are working hard right now to put this new future into place – one in which everyone that’s playing in the sandbox with us benefits from our own success (and the success of each creator in our family).

In the weeks and months to come, I’ll be sharing more about this future, so please stay tuned as we continue the journey…

Let’s do great things!



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