Launching Voyage 3.0

The ‘Voyage 3.0 Master Plan.’ 

We completed Voyage 1.0 and 2.0, which basically consisted of:

1.0  – Provide emerging storytellers with direct access to high level producers

2.0  – Nurture storytellers with quality education and training, and facilitate production of their projects

The reason we built 1.0 and 2.0 was to prove the thesis that non-professional storytellers could be made professional with access to quality information and producer-mentorship.

We proved the thesis as we were able to produce and distribute 4 projects, finance an additional 3, facilitate deals on over 40, get paid writing assignments to over 30 writers, and facilitate 45 authors in becoming bestsellers.

With 3.0, we’re adding the final building blocks of our audacious vision:

A thriving community of storytellers and a revolutionary, heart-centered way to create, share, and earn from the transcendent art of film and television storytelling.

The cornerstone of Voyage 3.0 is to align our entire family – you and us – in an economic and creative future that has us ‘in it together’.   

We’re inspired and deeply moved by a future where storytellers control their own destiny, are creatively fulfilled, and contribute to and benefit from each others’ success.

Like United Artists did in 1919, we’re establishing the first modern creator-owned studio, complete with its own production financing that’s not dependent on the outdated and exploitative studio/agency system.

Here’s what we aim to accomplish by 2021:

  • Have a thriving community of 1 million creators, that are economically aligned and supportive of one another

  • Produce 34 movies and 12 TV series that come directly from our community and with our own financing

  • Have a self-sustaining ecosystem of creators with access to $100 million in production and development financing

  • Create 123,000 direct & indirect jobs and $3.2 billion in wages paid


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