Exclusive interview with Voyage Producer Elizabeth Kushman

Elizabeth is a 10-year veteran of the entertainment business. She got her start working for Wes Craven and went on to become a dynamic producer with many notable credits in the horror / thriller genre (you’ve seen many of them).

Here’s what you can expect from the video:

At 30 seconds, you’ll hear Elizabeth tell a funny story about her first two weeks working for Wes Craven. 

At minute 2, hear all about Elizabeth’s background and most notable movie credits.

At minute 3, learn how “RAPT” is going to help you break into Hollywood (it’s Elizabeth’s acronym for the 4 most important things creators must remember when trying to break into the industry).

 At minute 7, hear about Elizabeth’s most exciting projects that she’s currently working on (a few of them happened to come out of Voyage!).

 At minute 8, hear what kinds of projects Elizabeth is always looking for… and determine if Elizabeth is the best producer for you to work with on your project.

At minute 9, learn what makes Elizabeth happy and why she finds working with emerging writers so fulfilling.

Check it out! 


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