Wait for the Networks to Come to You!


There’s a reason why they say “There’s no time like the present.” The present is what determines and shapes what’s to come. So take action! If you think you’ve got something that connects with today’s audiences and trends, act on it! If not, demand and trends might change, your work might change, and you might change. Don’t assume opportunity will stay constant.

Instead of waiting around for an opportunity to come along, create your own opportunities now. Many of us hold back for different reasons, and one of those involves fear and doubt. There’s the fear of rejection (“I’ve had so many doors slammed in my face, why bother knocking on another one?”). There’s the fear of being accepted and then having to follow up on a promising proposal (“What if I don’t have enough to back myself up? They’ll be disappointed!”). And then there’s the basic fear of the unknown (“What will happen to me if…?”).

Let’s face it. You (and we) are not getting any younger, and you never know what life-altering changes may be waiting for you around the corner. The wants of the entertainment marketplace are constantly changing. Therefore, there really is no better time to break out of your shell of insecurity with an idea you can share with others who can help you turn your vision into something real. So write your idea and find your talent. Don’t forget to make a sizzle reel and a pitch book. Hit the print button. Compose an email. And send it out into the universe.

You just never know.


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