Does Southern Charm Sell?


You already knew the entertainment industry was competitive, but did you realize that you probably have a better chance of getting into the NBA than your project does of getting in front of any kind of real audience?

Take a look at the numbers:

Of the 3,812 finished films submitted to Sundance last year only about 40 ended up getting any kind of distribution at all.  That’s just a little more than one percent-almost as low as the chances of a college basketball player making the NBA.

Before you watch the game-changing video above, I want you to pay attention to some interesting facts about the TV biz too:

If you think TV is any easier, think again. In 2011, of the thousands of TV show ideas pitched to the big four networks, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, 429 scripts were picked up…and only about 76 were made into pilots.

Far less than half of those went to screen…and of those, only 24 are still on the air at last count.

With odds like those, you may find yourself wondering whether the project you’re working on will ever end up in front of real audiences, and whether you’ll be given a chance at all.

A lot of good work will ALWAYS get lost in the shuffle.

Well, believe it or not, there are actually people who make it their job to sell good creative product and get it in front of audiences.   We’d like to introduce you to one of them.

Houston King is a film producer who is highly experienced in the areas of sales and distribution.  He is expert at maximizing the sales value of completed films and securing funds for future projects.  He has produced 5 films, managed theatrical distribution of 8, and licensed over 50 to domestic distributors and foreign sales agents. 

King is a member of the Voyage Team and one of the people who can make the industry work for you rather than against you.

Many aspire, but few make it.  It’s people like King who make the difference.  His advice is usually reserved exclusively for established talent and clients, but he agreed to share some secrets in this interview for free.  Click on the image above to watch the video.

I know you’ve got stories that need to get out there into the world.  This will only happen if you can navigate the business.  Check out the video to find out how.



  1. Thanks for this Houston and Nat!

    Considering how long it takes to make a movie, WHY would investors consider the past 6 months of genre market performance as an indicator? By the time a movie hits the market, whatever trend you’re looking at probably isn’t relevant anymore.

    Instinct and intuition is king in the content game now that attention currency can do what traditional marketing & publicity once did–not as an alternative to, but an added enhancement with runaway potential that may exceed anyone’s performance expectations.

    We’re in exciting times!

    • Very true! Makes a change to see soomnee spell it out like that. 🙂

  2. That kind of thnkinig shows you’re on top of your game


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