Our Mission is Creating Magnificence Together


Voyage has established an open platform on which the creative spark has a seamless conversation with the market, and together we join in the creation of entertainment.

The entertainment community has welcomed our passionate crowd of original voices and has participated in a free flow of information and connections in a world of magnificent inspiration.

The stories have found their home and the closed doors of Hollywood are open for business!


The company is committed to…

  • Being a beacon of what’s possible and leading the industry further into its heart, reminding all of us of the original inspiration of why we’re playing this game
  • Living true in the architecture and environment we’ve designed from our original intent. Everyone has an opportunity to fulfill on his or her life’s calling and to live an extraordinary life
  • Having new voices and the market collaborate in an entirely new and innovative way that brings fresh, original stories to life
  • The experience of working with Voyage being delightful and empowering for everyone
  • Challenging the status quo and altering the way the entertainment industry does business

Our team is committed to…

  • Being uncompromising in living from our calling and fulfilling the company’s mission and vision
  • We do impeccable work and every detail matters
  • Creating an environment in which we are empowered to do our best work, are lit up, and are fully self-expressed
  • Being a self-generative, high performance team, producing extraordinary results
  • Being accountable to each other, and we can say, “I love my life!”

We are committed that our customers…

  • Feel all stories are welcome and given every opportunity to find their home
  • Have access to the best professionals and partners, actionable information, and powerful paths to market, jobs, income and wealth
  • Experience a high level of confidence and trust in our company and product in which collaborating with Voyage is the obvious conclusion
  • Experience the Original Spark of Inspiration is heard and nurtured

We are committed that our Professionals

  • Discover their next great project and have pathways to get them financed and produced more easily than they’ve ever experienced before
  • Feel free to do their best work, are fulfilled in their creative expression, and inspired to support original voices
  • Love working with us and experience being an integral part of the Voyage team

We are committed that our Partners…

  • Experience feeling supported in fulfilling on their mission and met in their scaling demand
  • Experience project discovery as delightfully easy and efficient
  • See that our unique development supply chain delivers targeted content with competitive cost advantage
  • Love doing business with us

We are committed that our Investors…

  • Experience contributing to the fulfillment of our mission
  • Experience being part of a the team that’s revolutionizing the way in which creative expression is fulfilled
  • Have a path to generating income and wealth
  • Have opportunities to invest in individual projects and be a part of those projects being brought to life
  • Experience the joy of contributing to the arts

We are committed that Society…

  • Experiences an elevated connection to their hearts and a source of inspiration in their lives
  • Experiences their full magnificence and, with that, creates a ripple effect of positivity in the world


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