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John Crye spent 10+ years as the Director of Creative affairs at Newmarket Films. While at Newmarket, he developed, acquired, or distributed such classic independent films as MEMENTO (dir. Christopher Nolan), DONNIE DARKO, and WHALE RIDER, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and MONSTER. Crye later served as Vice President of Acquisitions and Production for Exclusive Media Group and Wrekin Hill Entertainment, where he acquired and distributed such films as THE WAY BACK, HESHER, and CREATION, starring Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin.

As a founding member of the film collective FEWDIO, Crye wrote, directed, and produced the seminal web series Nightmare House, which amassed a fan base of 3 million. Crye’s producing credits also include THE ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS, an animated feature based on the work of L. Frank Baum, and James Ferguson’s 2008 feature, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Since launching his own company, SharpCrye, he has become a much sought after consultant for his expertise in story development and production. His current slate includes a number of feature and television projects developed through his relationship with Voyage creators.

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