Super-writer Chris Levinson on Pitching to Networks (and what it’s actually like in the room…)

In an age when many decisions in Network Television are made out of fear (i.e. the now infamous Conan O’Brien vs. Jay Leno debacle), it’s easy for both current and would-be TV writers/producers to jump on the bandwagon of cynicism. Despite what may seem like a constant brain-drain towards less and less cerebral or character-driven programming, there’s still a market for your unbridled creativity.

For the March issue of the Starbird, Nat Mundel interviews Chris Levinson, an accomplished writer and producer for shows like Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, and Law & Order. In this interview, Nat and Chris break down the broad points and steps to be taken when pitching a show idea to a room full of (up to 12!) scary network Execs. From what Chris tells us, passion is definitely a contagion that network Execs are more than happy to get infected with.

1) Explain why you’re passionate about the project. Why did you create this show?

2) Pitch your logline.

3) Take your audience through a character breakdown.

4) Walk everyone through an episode breakdown. Treat it like a performance!

5) Bookend the pitch with your passion! Infect the Execs with it!


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  1. That’s a creative answer to a dififcult question

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