How to be Confident on Camera


Learn how to be confident on camera to keep your audience engaged in your message. Get in the right mindset to stay focused. Sound conversational and connect with your audience. Use a script or get spontaneous to capture attention and keep your video fun and fresh.


Running Time: 25 minutes, 2 Chapters, 8 Lessons






Lesson 1-1: How to get in the right mindset? ( 3:07 )

Lesson 1-2: How to sound conversational? ( 4:29 )

Lesson 1-3: How to connect with your audience? ( 5:06 )

Lesson 1-4: How to be concise? ( 2:34 )

Lesson 1-5: How to represent yourself? ( 1:56 )




Lesson 2-1: Should it be scripted or spontaneous? ( 1:32 )

Lesson 2-2: How to Use a Script (and still feel natural)? ( 1:37 )s

Lesson 2-3: How to Stay Cool when Recording? ( 1:46 )



How to make your project look great? ( 2:00 )


Teacher Bio
Jonathan Novack
I'm a TV host, AMS-sealed meteorologist, and news reporter who has worked across the country. With over 12 years of on-air experience, I've covered the red carpet, forecast every type of weather, and been live for breaking news. I currently work as a host for Tennis Channel's "Court Report", as well as a freelance weather anchor for KABC-TV in L.A. and a red carpet reporter for ABC's "On The Red Carpet".

I also teach TV hosting and reporting at "Break Into TV" in Glendale, CA, and in 2012 co-founded the production company Karakter Entertainment, hosting our show "Love Song".

I began working in production at New England Cable News in 1997 and I landed my first on-air TV job in 2001 doing weather and reporting in Lubbock, TX. I soon jumped to the FOX affiliate in Miami, a top 20 market, where I covered the record 2005 hurricane season and sharpened my teeth covering the red carpets of South Beach. At 27 years old, I became the weekend meteorologist and feature reporter at the NBC station in Houston, TX - a top 10 market. .

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